Product Details

The Kozak™ Clay Wash Mitt 8130724 is designed with advanced clay polymer technology, replacing the use of traditional clay bars.

This mitt will not only allow you to wash your car with ease, it also removes surface contaminants from automotive paint, glass and trim.

The Kozak Clay Wash Mitt safely removes tree sap, paint overspray, water spots and rail dust from vehicle surfaces. With the use of a lubricant this clay mitt will remove stuck on contaminants. The fabric side is ideal for general car washing using your favorite car wash.


Please test the Kozak Clay Wash Mitt in an inconspicuous area for the first time in case of unexpected adverse effects on paint surface. Use indoors or in a cool shaded area, never in direct sunlight.

Two methods can be utilized with this clay mitt.

  • If washing an entire vehicle and decontaminating at the same time, use a wash & wax like Malco® Prizm™ Wash & Wax or Presta® Wash & Wax. Follow the recommended dilution in a clean bucket and saturate the Kozak Clay Wash Mitt to scrub away dirt. With the polymer side use light pressure to loosen contaminants. Rinse with water and repeat if necessary.
  • If spot removing contaminants from just a few areas, use a spray wax like Malco’s Showroom Shine™, Surface Shine™ or Presta’s Spray N’ Shine™. Spray the polymer side and the vehicle surface liberally, and lightly scrub away the contaminants. Continue to work the spray wax in with a clean microfiber or rinse away with water.


  • Do not use solvent based cleaners with the Kozak Clay Wash Mitt.
  • Always store the wash mitt in the original clam shell case.
  • If you drop the wash mitt simply rinse off with water.
  • Do not store the wash mitt in extreme temperatures, the polymer can melt if too hot and the pad can become stiff if too cold.
  • Do not use the Kozak Clay Wash Mitt for anything other than its original intention.
  • Kozak Clay Wash Mitts are available in medium and fine grade polymers.